Patient Safety

The objective of the Transplantation Safety Outcomes Group (TSOG) is to study the systems and processes of transplant care systematically, comprehensively and prospectively.

The areas of interest include:

  • Identification of patient safety risks
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of regulatory guidelines
  • Organizational workflow optimization and safety
  • Development of safety metrics for performance measurement
  • Clinician communication


Donna Woods, EdM, PhD
  • Research Assistant Professor
    Center for Healthcare Studies
  • Co-Director
    Graduate Programs in Healthcare
  • Quality and Patient Safety Research
Daniela Ladner, MD, MPH
  • Associate Professor of Surgery
    Department of Surgery, Division of Organ Transplantation
  • Director
    Northwestern University Transplantation Outcomes Research Collaborative (NUTORC)


Jane Holl, MD, MPH
Rebeca Khorzad, MEM
Sanjay Mehrotra, PhD



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